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We are born free, but we buy into the systems that keep us bound, frustrated and broke. So its important to look for better ways to live and enjoy life with out the stress. Once you realize how precious and valuable life is, you begin to care less about what people think and you will not work your life away for somebody else.

The average person works 83,200 hours for some one and never takes the time to pursue or discover their own purpose. Everyday is a day to change that…you were created with a purpose.

Joseph Fountain

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Joseph Fountain is a man of integrity and a wonderful person to know and be connected with. He's an awesome mentor and trainer. If you're looking for someone who truly enjoys helping others have success, then look no further. Mr. Fountain is that person. I have such a tremendous amount of respect for him and I look up to him as big brother as well. He has a heart of gold and is willing to help you in any way he can. Whether it's advice personally, financially, spiritually, or in business. Mr. Fountain is truly heaven sent and a blessing to myself as well as so many others. Thank you for everything that you do!
Brittney Clement
Blessings by Brittney
Joseph Fountain has truly become family to me. He goes out of his way for everyone and celebrates others' accomplishments before his own. Joseph is definitely someone to keep an eye on and I'm so thankful to be within an arms reach of his knowledge.
Amber Adams
MBA - Senior Accountant
My experience knowing and working with Mr. Fountain has been life altering. I never came across no one that has the work ethic Joseph has, always putting the success of others before his own. We need more people that has a heart and desire for change like Mr. Fountain. Joseph exhibits his extraordinary leadership skills everyday by reminding people of the basic simple things in life. Most importantly Joseph knows who he his and that's a child of God. The life you live will speak for it self and I can honestly say working with Mr. Fountain the next day is better than the day before. If you really looking for someone committed to helping you be who you want to be you need to connect with Joseph Fountain and you see just like I found out that his desire for helping people is unprecedented and most of the time unmatched. Thank You Joseph for being a great inspiration in my life."
Kareem NcDuffie
Explosive Marketing
Networth Marketing Group LLC is an awesome company! I've used their service for flyers and a logo; super creative and always pleased. Awesome service. Joseph Fountain is the man! Highly recommended!
Monet Woody
The Village Project
I have a tremendous amount of respect for Joseph. He loves helping people and he is having a lot of fun doing it. He is extremely knowledgeable in his industry. So if you are looking for an opportunity to work with someone who is an awesome leader, trainer, mentor and coach...then Joseph is your man. Connect with him and you will go places. Have a great day and LIVE VICTORIOUS!"
Lenora Hughes
Life Coach and
Inspirational Speaker
Joseph is a great person to work with. He's surely on his way to the top with any business he works with.
Anthony Chesson Sr.
Sales Professional
Joseph and team are a company of excellence. I love their timeliness and professionalism. They truly brought my visions of my ministry and business to life
Pastor, Dr. Shaun Carter
Hear His Voice Ministries
I would like to say thank you to Networth Marketing Group for the great service they provide. I needed some flyers like yesterday and not only did they meet my deadline, they surpassed my expectations. They have a fast turn around. Also the quality of work with special details they implement on the flyer is just wonderful and exciting. Thanks again and we will use you all forever.
Mr. and Mrs. Robertson
Professional Comedian and Cindy's Creations
Joseph Fountain and his team at the Networth Marketing Group, LLC have been very instrumental in many of my company's success and impressive marketing material. He's reliable, relatable, creative, and has the heart of a servant, always willing to go the extra mile. Thank you Joseph and staff for continuing to reign supreme!
Shonte' Smith
Shonte's Events and More