Joseph Fountain
“A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men” – Proverbs 18:16

 "I was originally born in Richmond Virginia with a very loving and caring family, that taught me the true meaning of commitment and work ethic at an early age. Growing up we never had much but we always had our faith to know that things will get better. Growing up in the inner city, there were never any examples of success. I found myself looking to the streets as a way to help my family out of our financial struggle. But the rewards of that lifestyle leads to nothing of any meaning. That is why as a teenager I grew my mind and embarked on several entrepreneurial businesses from cutting grass in the neighborhood, helping out the elderly, to even using my artistic skills to make an extra dollar, so I could help my family out and so I would never have to ask them for money. That showed me that I could accomplish and do anything I desired, as long as I put my best foot forward. 

  I am now a husband to a wonderful wife and a father, who never stops thinking and pushing for greatness so my family, my children and generations to come will never want or struggle the way I did.

  However, I worked for a Structural engineering company for 5 years and at the age of 25 i had high blood pressure because of stress. That moment I began to look for more opportunities to succeed because I believed that life had more to offer than just stress. In the process I found myself a product of a struggling economy and being laid off in 2009, right before the birth of my wife and I's first child. Literally the day before I was laid off, we had launched our first business together. (funny right?) The money used to start the business, I needed for my mortgage because I knew my check coming up would be short. Thank God I didnot get it back!

Since then, thankful God, I never returned to the workforce and now I'm in business  full time, which I can tell you more about that later.

  I have a passion for helping those who seek change. I feel that it is my reasonable service to help those who are ready and willing to develop into leaders, and then duplicate the process...just like the movie "Pay it Forward". I truly believe that living in abundance, as it was promised to us, is possible.

I believe that the reality is whatever you settle for, but can be whatever you go for. I'm simply on a mission to use all the gifts and talents that God has given me and bring Him the Glory to show others life can be better.

I love connecting with individuals that know they are destined for greatness and has a high level of motivation as well as focus. I believe it is possible to have a great life the way God intended for it to be."

A few quotes to live by...

“God’s way leads to greatness, your way will lead to a great mess…”

– Joseph Fountain



“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say ‘I used everything you gave me'” – Erma Bombeck



“If you feel like God has thrown you off the end of a cliff, there is a 100% chance that you have wings of an eagle” – Joseph Fountain



“Who you are is God’s gift to you, who you become is your gift to God” – Unknown


“In the beginning you will do a lot of things that you will not get paid for, but in the end you will get paid for a lot of things that
you did not do” – Les Brown

“God never has a problem answering our prayers. We just don’t like His answers because  look like hard work…”- Joseph Fountain



“Revelation with no manifestation is a missed opportunity” – Unknown



“That is one of the tricks of opportunity, it has a sly habit of slipping in the back door and often it comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat. Perhaps this is why so many fail to recognize opportunity” – Napoleon Hill