How I prepare for tax season with Quickbooks Self-Employed…

How I prepare for tax season with Quickbooks Self-Employed…

prepare for tax season

About 4 years ago, I was so frustrated with all the receipts for business and travel. I was using several programs just to keep track of everything. So at the end of every year and the start of the next year…it was always a big press to get things in order…receipts in envelopes …mileage apps…etc.

After experiencing one time where the irs billed us for an additional $6,000 all because of a slight accounting oversight…sooo I took it upon myself to make sure I kept track of everything myself. After a few years of testing different methods and software, I finally checked out an old faithful software I was familiar with but that was 10+ years ago where it was no different than anything else…still tons of work. What I discovered is that Quickbooks had expanded to be more of an assistance to business owners.

There I discovered Quickbooks Self-Employed has updated so many tools to fit the way we live and to keep up wit current technology. They have everything all in one and it has been a total BLESSING!

Check out my review and tutorial to see all the great features.


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