Pray for those who win the lottery…

Pray for those who win the lottery…


Just this week the biggest lottery drawing in history took place. Just under $1.6 BILLION…which is CRAZY! Everyone had jokes and memes about what they would do if they won and all of that lol

So basically there was one ticket winner sold this week…which means someone will be able to take a lump some of $500-$600 million dollars home. (where the rest of the money goes is another story lol)

It’s a known fact that most lottery winners, go broke with in a 5 year time period simply because they are unprepared and don’t have the proper guidance and discipline before hand. It’s by law in most states that you have to take a picture with the winning check. There are only a handful of states that allow anonymous winners.

Most lotto winners buy a bunch of stuff for themselves, family members and friends. Which after while…all those millions disappear. I even remember this story where a woman kept bailing her boyfriend out of jail every time he got locked up. She won $188 million and bailed her boyfriend out of jail 4 times, totaling an amount of $21 million!! Yes it is crazy that she kept bailing her boyfriend out…but what is crazier is how the county they were in jacked the price up knowing that they could get the money.

Everyone wants a piece. We all know the bible scripture that states “For the love of money is the root of all evil“…and often times people look at it from the stand point of having lots of money…however the lack of money also causes that obsessive “love of money” that will cause people to do evil things.

There are SEVERAL cases that you may not have even heard about…where lottery winners have been poisoned by family members, turned up missing only to be found dead… being taken advantage of by people who claim to be able to help them with their money and they end up stealing from them and in some cases killing the lotto winner…ended up becoming drug addicts…so on and so on…stuff that you see in the movies.

Now its not all winners but MANY have had their lives destroyed behind it. To which you can simple google what I’m saying and you will read some crazy stories. I said all of that to say this…now in NO ways am I projecting fear…just stating the truth of the matter…that lotto winners…need people praying for them. They are hit with a responsibility that they are 99% of time just not ready for and many of the people around them aren’t ready for it either.

So to whoever won that $1.6 Billion jackpot…I am praying that God will lead you and protect you from every situation that is not in your favor of living the rest of your life to its greatest and doing some amazing things to responsibly help others and to create more wealth that will bless your family generations from now.




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