Special Announcement: Christmas Will Be on December 25th 2015

Special Announcement: Christmas Will Be on December 25th 2015

I know the title seems crazy. right?… Let me explain

Normally during the Christmas Holiday season, most people will pick up a part time job, work extra hours and spend the most money that they have ever spent in that year…all to buy gifts. However, the same energy can be used to accomplish some great things all year long…for example…pay off debts, save money and invest some too.

Typically, we are raised with that type of thinking in our society as a whole. The entities who are the happiest after the holidays are the stores.

The title may seem sarcastic but its really not… There are about 360 days to December 25th, and in knowing that most people do not plan or even shop in the fall season to save money and spend wisely. the funny thing is most people also forget what that day is about.

What if that same energy and intensity was used in order to get out of debt…or even to just put money aside and have a healthier financial living? One of the FIRST steps to being better with your money is not get caught up in the flow like everyone else. There is always a holiday or occasion to spend money every few months. Stop using them as excuses to not do what you know you need to do. If you put in the hard work up front, you will be able to relax later.

1). Learn to discipline the urge to spend.

2). Show the people you love most that you appreciate them all year long. You would be less likely to feel the pressure to buy things for them during the crazy holiday seasons.

3). Understand, wealth is not about how much you make…its about how much you spend. What good is $1,000,000 if you spend it all…lol.

So…Take a listen to Dave Ramsey, one of the best in financial advice as he talks about getting out of debt. Its worth your time…enjoy the growth!


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