Success Has A Blood Type and its B+ (positive)

Success Has A Blood Type and its B+ (positive)

Thought I would share this. I love it! Hope it helps someone!

“Luck happens when you hit the lotto. Accidents happen when you text while driving. Success has nothing to do with luck or accidents – nor does it have to do with being in the right place at the right time, the status of the economy, or what you have when you decide to get started.

Success is about strategy. Preparation. Practice. Execution. Guts. Ignoring anything that isn’t your dreams. Being immune to negativity.

Success is not attained alone. Only with a team, and small contributions from a lot of people along the way. It’s attained through late nights and early mornings. Big risks and small steps. High highs and low lows.

Success is unreasonable. It’s impatient. It’s unwilling to settle for anything less than winning. The second you think you have it is the minute it slips away.

It’s cunning… your best friend and your worst nightmare – sometimes within minutes of each other. It’s something you’ll suffer in great pain for and the minute you have it thank it for kicking your butt all the way to the top.

If you want it, prepare to lose a few friends. Prepare to thicken your skin up a notch. Prepare to be loved and hated. To be crucified and celebrated. Prepare for the ups and downs. Prepare to sacrifice some stuff.

Don’t fool yourself or listen to anyone who says “success just happens for the lucky ones”. It’s doesn’t. It’s the result of being unwilling to settle for anything less. Unwilling to settle for just being average. Unwilling to stop pursuing your dreams long after everyone has written your crazy behind off.

Success happens inside of you. It strategizes with your mind. It’s executes with your body. And it’s fed and fueled by your emotional and spiritual passion.

Success is there, inside you – if you want it bad enough. Most people just leave right before the miracle happens.

So stick around. Stay and fight. And when you get knocked down, get back up. Success is the biggest opponent you’ll ever face, the hardest that you’ll ever train and the greatest fight you’ll ever win.”

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