We Do This EVERY Year…

We Do This EVERY Year…

A week late…but I know you all get it lol
I can’t wait to see the numbers from today’s shopping. Last year over $50 Billion was spent.

I’m not sure how we got here…but our homes have more stuff than anything else.

Our kids have more shoes, clothes, video games, electronic devices and etc, than money put aside for their future. When it’s time for them to go to college, get a car, get married, get a house or even when they need help…the only thing that most can give is prayer.

I know we love to “make Christmas” happen for our families, but their expectation of a great Christmas is controlled by what we teach them to expect. Nothing wrong with gifts, but what if half of that money was put into a college IRA or Custodial IRA or Savings Account for 18-21 years…how much more of an impact would that make?

Someone once told me that it’s not our (African Americans) fault because no one taught us. Well…no one taught me either. It’s our responsibility to GO and find out. The answers are free. ‪#‎google‬

1) If you always wait for someone to teach you something, you will never know.
2) Ask the ones that know…instead of ignoring the ones that know.

If we make little tiny changes today…those changes will create a big impact tomorrow.
‪#‎cantSAYnoONEtoldYOUnow‬ lol ? ?

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